Who we are

Are we a Frat?

Chi Alpha is a church and student organization with a Greek name. Our name reminds us to be Christou apostoloi – Christ's ambassadors. The first Greek letters of Christou and apostoloi are "Chi" and "Alpha", abbreviated as XA.

What's the Feel?

Picture a close-knit family of students who expect an encounter with God. Both first-timers and regulars have meaningful conversations and experience God's direction and strength.

What's the Look?

At Campus Church you'll find people dressed in outfits ranging from shorts and flip-flops, to fancy dresses, to the occasional shirt and tie, and they all get along! Get to know people with a variety of backgrounds, experiences, cultures, and skin colors. Just come and be you!

What's the Music Like?

We have a contemporary band that plays everything from original music to traditional hymns. The atmosphere encourages anyone to personally worship God and connect to Him.